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A dining experience centred around the Nordic kitchen with Asian influence. Oekse is made up of two cultures that seem far apart but are connected through tradition and technique. Both are underlined by their respect for the raw ingredient, their techniques in preservation and fermentation, and their love for aesthetics and simplicity.


Oekse is our interpretation of the New Nordic manifesto, using whenever possible regional, organic and sustainable produce. Headed by Mikkel Gregersen (Copenhagen) and Barry Quek (Singapore) our aim is to produce elegant, powerful food that celebrates the produce; using our traditions and surroundings to the fullest by not only cooking seasonally but preserving the season to create interesting menus all year round.




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our FOOD

"The delicate elegance and freshness of the Scandinavian kitchen complimented by the richness, umami-packed building of flavour so dominant in Asian cooking."

We're inspired by the incredible people who produce the food and those who give their entire being to present and serve it to you. We care about our environment, our traditions, our people and our heritage - it plays a huge part in the experience that we share with you. 

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We have a love of many drinks and so will always have a great mixed pairing with a selection of wines, beers and home brews. And a delicious juice pairing for those who want an alternative.

Our wine is from vineyards that carry the same mind set as us, wine that's made to celebrate where it comes from, adopting natural, sustainable ways of winemaking, just like our food. Also making it part of our responsibility to leave behind something we can be proud of.